At the State Drama Theater «On Liteiny» under the aegis of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, a two-day educational seminar will be held for directors, teachers, students of theater universities, curators of inclusive schools, specialists of the cultural and social sphere who use the methods of inclusive and social theater while working with socially vulnerable groups of the population. The curators and teachers of all theater schools of «Inclusion» will also take part in the seminar.

During the event, master classes, lectures, creative meetings and open lessons will be held, and a presentation of the methodical book «Theater Project as a Space for the All-Round Development of Deaf-Blind People and People with Other Health Features» will be held, which will include approved author’s courses on the work of an inclusive theater school . The workshop is supported by the Presidential Grants Foundation. You can sign up from your personal account, after registering on the professional Forum stream.

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