Inclusive theatrical school is a social project that aims at socialization and rehabilitation of disabled people and at attracting the attention of society to the problems of social integration of such people. Among the students of the school, there are people with multisensory impairments, including deafblinds, with simultaneous visual and hearing impairments, blind people, deaf people and people with mental and physical limits.

Currently, inclusive theatrical schools operate in 8 cities of the Russian Federation.




Three theater schools became the partners of the project: the Russian University of Theater Arts-GITIS, the Moscow Art Theater School, Shchukin Theater Institute, which actively participated in the development of the training program.

Classes at school are conducted by theatrical educators who are in constant development of their methods and approaches to students.


One of the main principles of the school is the search for interaction and joint existence on the stage of actors with different abilities.

We deal with students with a various peculiarities: we have deaf-blind students, in our Center there are students with visual and hearing impairment, with mental and physical disabilities.

At classes, students with other disabilities work with professional actors or students of theatrical universities.


The laboratory is a creative search and research that combines the practice of program, educational exercises with the author’s text, musical material, plastic score.

For students, it is the experience of an open show, a deep penetration into the literary material, the generalization of program exercises into a creative project.


The school is working on the preparation and production of performances. The participants should be able to present their work to the public — this is an important part of the training.

Within the framework of the Moscow school, there were produced five inclusive performances: “Absolutely incredible occasion Marriage “,” Seagull “,” Carmen “,” In Touch “,” Thunderstorm – the habitat”.


An important goal is to attract theatrical community for working together under performances of The Inclusion School.

In each city, there is a unique approach to this principle — selecting the material, choosing the form and genre of the performance, inviting the topline actors to participate in a performance. We strive to ensure that every school has a meaningful theatrical partner.

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