St. Petersburg. December 22

December 22 at 16.00 “Inclusion.School.St.Petersburg” will present a sketch of the performance, assembled around the images of horses, as a symbol and a metaphor, allowing you to talk about the situations that concern the participants. Read more

Novosibirsk December 20

December 20, 5 pm at the Novosibirsk Regional Children’s Library “Inclusion.School.Novosibirsk” will tell “The Tale of Tsar Saltan”. The theatrical performance is for adults and children of all ages. Students of the school position the Read more

Novosibirsk. December 14

On December 14, 15.00 in the Novosibirsk Regional Children’s Library “Inclusion.School.Novosibirsk” will present the house concert “SUCH DIFFERENT CHEKHOV”. The story was created according to the stories of A.P. Chekhov and is for adults and Read more

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