On December 7, the repertory performance of the Creative Laboratory “Ugol” will be held as part of the X All-Russian Festival of Young Direction “Remeslo” on life stories of the Mergasovsky house known to Kazan citizens as «a scary green house near the Black Lake». Several participants of the “Inclusion. School. Kazan” take part in the play “Mergasovsky”. “This performance is a screenshot, an attempt to turn on the sound from the windows of the Mergasovsky house, a lot of people who lived here at different times. Someone lived and worked here once, and told about it, someone no longer exists, and we took his voice from letters in libraries, someone lives in the house right now, ”Radmila Khakova, a co-author of the text of the play.

Address: Parijskaya Komunna st. 25/39, Kazan.

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