On December 2, at 15.00, at the Museum of Russian Impressionism viewers will see a joint musical and theatrical performance «Silver Age» by students of the Inclusive drama school and the jazz band of Yevgeny Grechishchev. Actors of different spectra of perception (deaf, deaf-blind, and with mental features – 11 students) will broadcast the poems of the last century through voice, sign language, dactyl, plastic, creating a special unifying space in which many of us are extremely rare or not present at all in everyday life.

«Silver Age» is a program of poetic «readings», which grew out of the regular reporting lesson of the School of Inclusion, based on the programs of three teachers of speech, acting, dancing. The task of the teachers of the School is to teach students interdisciplinary combination of skills acquired in the classroom. But the practical lessons of students inspired by the poetry of great poets acquire completely new meanings in this work, raising all participants to a new level of «creation» and understanding of the great bygone era that left a great mark …

Admission by prior registration.

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