Forum-festival “Special view” which promotes diversity and inclusion in theatre industry will be held in Moscow on 28-31 October. The main goal of the festival is to gather professionals and people who cares to create dynamic community in the area of inclusion in theatre. About 250 participants from Moscow, St.Petersburg, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and other cities will take part in this unique event.

The main sponsors of the Forum-festival are Center for the Implementation of Creative Projects «Inclusion» and Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation. It is also held with the help of The Deaf-Blind Support Foundation «Con-nection».

The programme of the festival includes 12 performances in which people with disabilities and people from socially disadvantaged groups are involved. They take part in performances created by professional theatre directors and go on the stage with professional actors from Moscow and regional theatres. These performances have been recognized as best examples of inclusion and social theatre in Russia.

“Inclusion” will represent 5 performances made by its theatre schools all over the country: «Thunderstorm – the Habitat» (dir. Mikhail Feiguin, theatre school in Moscow
«Әллүки (Alluki)» ( dir. Imamutdinov Tufan, theatre school in Kazan),«King Lear» (dir. Honored Artist of Russia Natalya Garanina, theatre school in Ekaterinburg), «Unreality» (Sergey Drozdov, theatre school in Novosibirsk), «Nights of Kholstomer» (dir. A.Savchuck, theatre school in St.Petersburg).

The educational part of the festival program consists of different inclusive workshops, master-classes and public-talks featuring the leading professionals in the inclusive and social theatre: stage directors, actors, produces, teachers, choreographers etc.

The full programme of the festival and registration links are available here:

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