Malikov Ruslan

The Director of the play In Touch

He graduated from Tula Mechanical College named by S. Mosin.

In 1998, he got Theater Directing degree in Moscow State University of Culture. After graduating from the university, the student’s course turned into a theater studio “DSV Student Theater” on the basis of the cultural center of Moscow State University, where the following performances were staged: “The Time and Family of Conway” JB Priestley, “Little Red Riding Hood” E. Schwartz, “The Sakhalin Wife “E. Greminoy; ” Love’s Labour’s Lost” W. Shakespeare.

Participation in theatrical projects:

Role: the Director

The play “The Big Zhrachka”, authors and directors: R.Malikov and A.Vartanov (Teatr.doc) Performance “The War of Moldovans for a cardboard box” by A.Rodionov, directors: M.Ugarov, R. Malikov, S.Pestrikov, T. Kopylova (Teatr.doc) Performance “Transfer” M. Kurochkin, director: M. Ugarov, second director: R. Malikov (Center for Dramaturgy and Directing M. Roshchina and A. Kazantsev) Performance “People of the oldest professions” D. Privalov, director M. Ugarov, second director: R. Malikov (School of modern play) Performance “September.doc”, director: M. Ugarov, co-director: R. Malikov (Teatr.doc) The play “Manager”, authors and directors: R. Malikov and N. Denisov (Teatr.doc), the play “Bullet Collector”, by Yu. Klavdiev, director R. Malikov (Theater “Practice”), “Celestials”, author I Simonov, director R. Malikov (Theater “Practice”).

Malikov Ruslan actively participated in preparing the theatrical festivals “Lyubimovka”, “New Drama”, participated in the festival “May Readings” (2004), in the project “Cinema without film”

Year: 2015 – Present time

City: Moscow

Project: the Performance In Touch

Role: a Director

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