Imamutdinov Tufan


«I was born in Naberezhnye Chelny in 1984, on November 7th. 2006-2011 Studied at the GITIS-RATI (Moscow). The course of Oleg Kudryashev. Directing faculty».

Director’s work:

  • The play “Shamail” based on the works of Vladimir Popov. (Kazan).
  • The performance “Shot” by A.S. Pushkin (Kazan Youth Theater, Russia).


  • “The Nose” N.V. Gogol. (Kazan Youth Theater, Russia).
  • The performance “Alif”. Foundation for cultural initiatives “Creative Environment” (Kazan, Tatarstan).


  • “Passion for Semyon Semyonovich” by N. Erdman. (Kazan Youth Theater, Russia).
  • “The Little Prince” by Saint Exupery. (Kazan Youth Theater, Russia).
  • The international performance “From the Depths …” (Painter Van Gogh) According to the artist’s early paintings. Participants Russia – France. (Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia).
  • “I Need a Sea Captain.” Verbatim on the book Alvin Toffler “The Third Wave” on the topic of modern relationships between men and women. (Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia).


  • The fairy tale. “Jelsomino in the land of liars.» by D. Rodari.
  • The Young Spectator Theater is a joint Russian-German project “The War through the Eyes of Children.” Fragments. ” Author: Ruth Vineken. Russia – Germany (Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia).
  • Theater “Old House” – “Mother Courage and Her Children” by Brecht (Novosibirsk, Russia).

2014: (since 2014 the main director of the Kazan Youth Theater)

  • National Theater in Tyrgy-Muresh “Caligula” by A. Camyu. (Romania).
  • Work in the Moscow Art Theater named in honor of Chekhov on the spectacle of “Nonsense” by V. Bugayeva. (Moscow).
  • The Theater of the Young Spectator is “The Love of People” by D. Bogoslavsky. (Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia).

Awards and Festivals:

  • International Festival in Sheki (Azerbaijan). The performance “The Call of Beginning. Alif.”
  • International Festival Open Look Performance “Call of Beginning. Alif. “(St. Petersburg).


  • Three nominations for the performance “Call of Beginnings. Alif» (Best Choreographic Performance, Best Choreography, Best Performer) for the highest All-Russian Golden Mask Award (Moscow).
  • Received a Golden Mask for Performing Arts.


  • The performance “From the Depths …” International Platonov Festival. (Voronezh).
  • Four nominations (Best Choreographic Performance, Best Choreography, Best Composer’s Work, Best Costume Designer) for the highest All-Russian Golden Mask Award (Moscow)
  • Three nominations in the Theater Award of Tatarstan “Tintin”. Event of the year; Best supporting actor; Best episodic role. (Kazan).


  • Participant of the “Craft” festival in Kazan (Russia). Performance “The Little Prince” by Saint Exupery. (Kazan Youth Theater, Russia)


  • Participant of the “Craft” festival in Kazan (Russia). The play “War Through the Eyes of Children. Fragments»
  • V international theater festival “ART-ORDO-2015” in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). The play “The Wind Makes Noise in Poplars”.


  • Laureate of the festival April 15-17 “II International Festival” Theater Art of the Age of Power and Happiness» in Ashgabat. “The Wind Makes Noise in Poplars” (Turkmenistan).
  • Laureate of the festival “Talia. Festival of Humor.» in Budapest (Hungary).
  • Laureate of the “Craft” festival in Kazan (Russia).
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